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Export Services

We are a full service provider, licensed as Freight Forwarder

But What does that mean?  

Well, it means we worked long and hard to prove to the US Government that we know what we are doing.  They checked out our qualifications and asked around about our experience before they issued our license.  We are also required to maintain the appropriate level of bonds and business insurance.  We provide you all of the great services listed below.

Ocean Freight

Once you've decided which ocean carrier will transport your goods and the trucking company you will use to the goods to the port - you will need to provide specific documentation to your trucking company for them to be allowed to deliver the goods to the terminal within the customs port.  We do that too!  

Shipment Documentation

The freight forwarding industry has changed.  Cargo owners can arrange directly with carriers for the economical rates they are seeking for their shipments.  Check out our Concierge page for links to those carriers.  Once you secure a rate we will take care of booking your cargo for you and ensure all of the information is submitted correctly to them.  Remember, incorrect information can lead to delays, issues with clearing your goods at destination and additional fees to correct the information.



You have all of the logistics arranged, but what about compliance.  AES filings are mandatory on any shipment valued over $2,500.  We can help with that.  We also ensure any changes to the information submitted for your AES filing is updated to ensure the final AES filing is compliant.  Check out our Shipment Concierge page for more information on other areas of compliance you should be aware of, such as TSCA and DEA reporting.



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