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Shipment Concierge

We are more than just a shipping company.  We are committed to compliance.  This page is a continuing effort to share with you the resources, regulation updates and education we come across in our work everyday.  We hope you find it helpful and use it to incorporate a robust compliance management system within your organization and grow your exports.


Compliance with US Customs is paramount to all other aspects of international trade.  Start with their Informed Compliance Publications.  Additional information to follow


Think of US Customs & Border Patrol as the enforcer of the laws and regulations of the other government agencies.  This section is still under development but will work to provide updates on regulations affecting international trade.

The partners in your supply chain should work with you to develop an efficient, economic and safe approach to transporting your goods.  This section will grow to provide information to help you ensure this happens.


US Customs
Other Government Agencies
Supply Chain
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