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Premium Logistics North America, LLC

Woman Owned & Operated in Baltimore, MD

Licensed: Freight Forwarder

Our Vision


Our mission is to serve as small step towards the structural changes needed within our economy, industry & community



Our founder, Katrina Warnick, took notice that the US economists were encouraging growing exports but US businesses were increasingly frustrated with the shipping process.  They were unsure how to proceed, despite the numerous resources made available through the US Export Initiative.  She wanted to create a company that could help these business owners lower their concerns and execute successful exports that would directly contribute to their bottom line.


The services of the company were created by asking the potential US businesses what did they need to feel confident importing and exporting their products.  Our team understands the nuances of our customers business and can assist them with adapting to changes, taking advantage of opportunities and directly contributing to their sustainable success.



Our team understands that for our business to be healthy we need to be part of what keeps our customers business healthy.  That means we learn about their industries, stay aware of changes and regulations which may affect them and keep an eye on the costs associated with

their shipments.  


In our own industry we stay involved with our industry associations, often serving as board members.  Each year we participate with fellow colleagues on a visit with the politicians in DC, making them aware of our concerns.  



Premium Logistics North America was the co-creator of the Baltimore Port 2-week training program through Maryland New Directions. Through this program candidates in the region receive free training about the industry to gain a working knowledge of transportation & logistics.  They also receive soft skill training, forklift certification and port worker certifications.  Upon graduating from the program they are eligible for advanced training and certifications at no cost to them.


Companies today demand scalable, customized solutions that address the changing market conditions.  They need to take advantage of fast arising opportunities.


Technology is changing to accomodate those needs, but as Steve Jobs once said "Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them."


Premium Logistics North America offers their clients BOTH; Technology that saves them time and money AND a team of people they can have faith in. 


We are constantly growing our expertise and exposure to new industries.  Our team currently has experience, education and certifications in:


Licensed Controlled (ITAR/EAR)


Food Items


Vehicles and Parts Thereof

Wheeled & Tracked Cargo



Our clients have included Fortune 200 and Fortune 500 companies as well as small and medium sized business owners.  We are best suited to clients that want to ensure compliance is their top priority.


Company Profile
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