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Our Services

Our team handles Freight Booking with your chosen carrier, AES filings and management of any potential updates due to changes in sailing schedules, documentation to your chosen trucking company for delivery of your freight to the terminal and superior customer service.

Helping You

Your team should be focused on the core competencies that ensure organization success.  Our team helps them do this.  We focus on the daily operations and compliant efforts to ensure your exports are handled efficiently and in a compliant manner.

Supply Chain

We understand timely and compliant exports are a vital aspect of your organization's success.  We monitor the performance of the carriers and work with them to improve the process.  We create custom workflows  for each customer to ensure optimal performance

Compliant Freight Forwarding

Shipment Concierge Resources

I can do things you cannot, You can do things I cannot;

Together we can do great things

~ Mother Theresa


The logistics industry is a fast-paced, demanding environment.  The mintue by minute changes and unexpected circumstances create daily opportunities to stretch our creativity and maximize our problem-solving skills.  As a result we are rich in industrial experience  and industry connections.  We are currently working to build a resource library for you to utilize for your organization's success in exporting.


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